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Transformation of Plain Doors

I have never been the type of person to settle for plain. I always had a vision for transformation, stylize something, anything to suit my own personal taste. It was always viewed as an opportunity to express myself. I was given a pair of brass dragon door knockers and I always envisioned them on my dream doors. In the past, they were used as wall decor or towel hangers.Β Now, is my opportunity to finally use them.

I have an eclectic mix of style. I love and appreciate pretty much of everything. My goal is to design a door that incorporates all the elements that I like and have them flow cohesively. First, we painted the doors red. This color is a Benjamin Moore ‘Ruby Red’. Then, we mounted the knockers on. I am beginning to like it already!

31636c964442af0eebb5b08c406301bdNext, I measured the doors and sketched out the millwork design that I would like to apply to the doors. I worked around the door knockers making them the focal point of the design. When selecting the moulding, I wanted something with height to give the door and greater sense of depth. I also chose a relatively thin moulding to maintain it’s overall proportion and scale to the design, as well as to the doors. With a few basic tools and a miter saw, we got working.


Now that we installed the millwork, we will sand it down, prime and paint it. Can you guess what color I am going to paint it? Stay tuned!

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