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Klanchoe Baharensis Succulent Propagation

When a leaf or the stalk breaks off from your succulent, don’t toss it out. Seize the opportunity to make a new plant. Before you know it, you will have an extra plant of the same specie. This is exactly what happened with my Klanchoe Baharensis.

I moved this plant to a separate location and a piece of the stalk broke. I brought the broken piece to one of my other potted plants that received water regularly (roughly every 3 days) and was located in an area where it received light morning sun. I pressed the stalk into the soil and made sure that a little bit of the stalk was submerged in the soil, while the rest was not burried. After about a month, I saw new roots! Voila! Hope you liked this post and found it informative.

Below is an example of a mature Klanchoe Baharensis

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