Antique Chandelier Restoration

This fixture was first my first experience hanging a vintage chandelier. It was a huge learning experience. I found this beautiful antique chandelier and remember thinking this is going to take some work! But agreed to the challenge because of it’s potential beauty and uniqueness.

The chandelier came with a dull luster and lots of missing parts. It was missing arms, crystals, pins, hooks and some unforeseen necessary items. I remember thinking, what did I get myself into? But then I assured myself that other people have done it too so it is possible and worth it.

I began scouring the internet for places that sold vintage chandelier parts. I really didn’t know where to start so I searched ‘chandelier parts’ online and started to study to each part to determine whether or not that is something I would need or could use to enhance the overall outcome. The picking process became really fun because this is when I got to use my creativity.

I purchased arms, French teardrop prisms, octagon crystals and brass pins to hang and connect the crystals. When I received the pins and crystals, I polished the crystals and began looping them into the brass arms. This was the fun part! I got to use my creativity to swag the crystals as long or as short, as much or as little as I like. I wanted it to be fabulous while maintaining good proportion and scale.

After a few strands were in, the dull luster on the chandelier became even more noticeable, especially next to the new shiny crystals. So, I knew the fixture had to be polished before I continue with the rest of the crystals. I looked into brass polish and discovered Brasso! I love this stuff. It works great.

After polishing and hanging the crystals, I picked out a medallion. Taking into consideration the scale, proportion and structural details of the chandelier and the dining space, I was able to find a medallion that fit just right. Finally, this work of art is ready to be hung up!

The chandelier and medallion was laid out ready for installation. Then I noticed a hole in the center of the medallion and remember thinking, how is this hole going to be covered? I did some research. My first approach was searching for the words medallion cover and chandelier cap and cover. After some digging I found that I needed what is called a chandelier canopy! I measured the diameter of the opening and with design features in mind, I found the perfect chandelier canopy! Sometimes chandelier canopies don’t come with the ceiling canopy mounting hardware but fortunately, that was an easy fix. It is easily available at your local hardware store or online.

Now, everything is in place and my work of art is finally complete!

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