Hi everyone! My name is Helen Pham Clinton and I am passionate about design.
I have been in the process of self discovery these past 3 years of my life and now I feel is the time to re-introduce myself, share where I came from and where I am headed. I am in the process of making a huge career shift and this account is part of my journey.

I am passionate about art. As a child I would partake in artistic activities on my free time. I never imagined possibly having a career in the arts. As my activities progressed, I became more and more involved in different art projects. At some point, one of my artistic ventures flourished, ultimately transpiring into a career. As a result, I became the designer and founder of @simplysavvyco . I design and develop products for the beauty industry and sell my products on amazon. I do salon apparel and novelties. I own the a few trademarks for that industry as well. I created the phrase ‘I don’t give a FUSS’ for kids clothes so I also sell those on Amazon. I have been in business for 10 years and it is still going. Although I love what I do, lately I haven’t been feeling challenged or satisfied. I feel that I have somewhat hit a plateau in how much more I can create. I mean how many different aprons does a hairdresser really need? Or how much more elaborate can my designs be for a hairdresser in a professional setting? I also found that the more elaborate my designs got, the less those styles sold. The ladies like something a little stylish while encompassing all the necessary features that they need to work in. This is what I found to sell the best. I don’t know if I will discontinue designing for the industry entirely because the products sell well, but I definitely know that I want to challenge and feed myself a little more.

Before my business, I was going to Interior Design school at UCLA. They have an Architecture + Interior Design program there that I attended. Somehow, my life has naturally come full circle and I am back where I started. I find myself designing, doing diy and remodeling projects and loving every minute of it. I have decided to not resist, but embrace this process. I strongly feel that this is something I am meant to do and that this is my calling. It takes a great leap of faith to make such a drastic change but I don’t see myself doing anything different.

I know that some of my customers follow my instagram account (@mylushlifestyle) and are wondering if I decided to just stop designing for the industry. This is part of the reason why I decided to share my story. I still sell products on amazon and will continue to put out new products occasionally but home and garden is really where my heart is. Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope I have something to offer each and every one of you.