Vintage Gallery Wall

My gallery wall is continually evolving and getting filled in with decorative elements as I see fit. As it is becoming fuller, I must be even more selective with what I add to make this wall well balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Recently, I added the brass birds (top center) to give this gallery wall some movement and contribute an organic element, bringing more life to this gallery and breaking away from the linearity a bit. I also added the botanical art to the far right, also contributing to an organic feel.
The botanical art was purchased from an IG account I discovered recently based in Scotland. I fell in love with this product because it is very customized. What they do is gather the names and birthdate of members of your family and create a botanical art with flowers representing the birth date of each family member. At the very bottom it highlights the family name and when it was established. Such a sweet and sentimental idea. I am also sharing it because it makes a great gift for the holidays. It arrived very quickly too! @summerlanest (Not an ad) Enjoy and have a great day! 🙋🏻‍♀️❣️😘


Hairdresser and Makeup Artist Gift Ideas

A few months ago I shared my bio with you guys. In case you missed it, I develop products for the beauty industry and these products are available on @amazon Some of my best selling items are these mugs for hairdressers because I believe they are witty, practical and add value to their profession by promoting their business. @simplysavvyco If you guys have family or friends who are hairdressers, make sure to show them you appreciate them this Christmas by getting something that will add value to their lives. #keepcalmandletmefixyourhair® 😉❣️😌 Enjoy and have a great day. 🙋🏻‍♀️❣️

Top selling items:

  1. Simply Savvy Co Makeup Artist Mug
  2. Simply Savvy Co Hairdresser Mug
  3. Simply Savvy Co Hairdresser Thermos
  4. Simply Savvy Co To Dye for Salon Apron
  5. Simply Savvy Co Hairdresser Carry All Tote

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Festive Quick and Easy Outdoor Garden Inspiration – Christmas Arrangement

A close up of the quick and easy Christmas planter arrangement with #dustymiller ‘new look’ and #calocephalus ‘silver stone’ providing contrast to #poinsettia and #pinecones. Scattered about, varying the forms and textures to engage the eyes and encourage the eyes to travel throughout. The red poinsettia offers a festive feel. The silver foliage mimics snow and provides contrast. Lastly, each pine cone was hand picked to have hints of grey to tie into the silver foliage. The pine cones also contribute to the festive feel and adds a rustic element. Enjoy and have a great day! 😘🙋🏻‍♀️❣️

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Easy DIY Drought Tolerant Fairy Garden with Operculicarya Decaryi Bonsai


I am so excited to finally share this! Creed and I made this Bonsai Fairy Garden for his grandmother for her birthday. We just gave it to her, so we can finally make it public.
We selected plants with similar care and light requirements. Here you see an #operculicaryadecaryi as the tree (giving some height variation), #lithops as landscape rock, #Gasteria and #ChristmasAloe planted in the garden. We added a bird with two little babies to symbolize her relationship with @creedandkian. I created a full video detailing the process, what plants we chose, why we chose them and how to care for them. Subscribe below to see the videos.
Enjoy and have a great day 🙋🏻‍♀️❣️

  1. Part 1 of 3
  2. Part 2 of 3
  3. Part 3 of 3

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Fall Dining Table Ensemble Inspiration

Creating an entire dining ensemble has it’s challenges. But it isn’t too bad if you get creative utilizing what you already have or maybe adding just a little more to tie it all together.
When I began to put this fall ensemble together, we had the tablecloth, the ivory plates and the napkins.
Although I do love the paisley patterns on this fall tablecloth, I wanted to break up the tabletop decor from the tablecloth by using a solid runner. This will separate the two and give each feature the individual attention it deserves. The charger plates were a simple and practical additon to blend with the runner and highlight the plates. I opted for orange as opposed to white napkins to further add to the contrast from the plates and keep the ensemble feeling festive. Last but definitely not least, I picked up white pumpkins and variegated ivory for a natural cooling effect to this rich and warm ensemble. Thus, balancing this arrangement and making it aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. 🍁🍂What do you guys think?

  1. Maison d’ Hermine Kashmir Paisley 100% Cotton Tablecloth
  2. Simply Savvy Co Luxurious Gold Reversible Solid and Floral Table Runner
  3. Oneida Golden Michelangelo Flatware
  4. Utopia Bedding Cotton Dinner Napkins
  5. Ceramic Pumpkin Soup Bowl with Lid

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Basic to Beautiful Fall Décor Styling with Pine Cones

Hi Everyone!
Fall is right around the corner so I put together a series of indoor and outdoor fall decor inspiration. On this particular video, I demonstrated how you can turn basic pine cones from an outdoor stroll into stylish decor for your home. Above is a few items I used for this project for your convenience. I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming videos like this. Follow me on social media for any questions you may have. Enjoy!

  1. Elmer’s Spray Glue
  2. Spectra Brilliant Gold Glitter

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Halloween Spooky Jar Decor

Halloween is right around the corner so I spent some quality time making these spooky decorative jars with my son. These supplies were purchased at a crafts store.

Now that I have kids, I am making a stronger effort to make our house a home. I see that it excites them and it adds to the memories we are making together.

With kids, we get busier and things get more hectic. I found that involving the kids as much as possible has allowed me to get more done. Sometimes I assign mundane tasks like putting sticker barcodes on products or separating skulls and eyeballs makes them happy. It makes them feel important and gives them a sense of confidennce. It never used to be this way. I used to not want them around while I was working because I didn’t want them to break or ruin something. I choose my battles and tasks better now and I am learning to become a better mom every day.

I demonstrated how I put the SPOOKY jars together on a video. If you guys are interested in checking it out.

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