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Halloween Spooky Jar Decor

Halloween is right around the corner so I spent some quality time making these spooky decorative jars with my son. These supplies were purchased at a crafts store.

Now that I have kids, I am making a stronger effort to make our house a home. I see that it excites them and it adds to the memories we are making together.

With kids, we get busier and things get more hectic. I found that involving the kids as much as possible has allowed me to get more done. Sometimes I assign mundane tasks like putting sticker barcodes on products or separating skulls and eyeballs makes them happy. It makes them feel important and gives them a sense of confidennce. It never used to be this way. I used to not want them around while I was working because I didn’t want them to break or ruin something. I choose my battles and tasks better now and I am learning to become a better mom every day.

I demonstrated how I put the SPOOKY jars together on a video. If you guys are interested in checking it out.

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Crafts & DIY · Festivities · Halloween · Lifestyle

Unique and Funny Dandelion Halloween Costume

Halloween is right around the corner! So, on my latest video I demonstrated how to create a unique, fun, silly Halloween costume. This costume will surely get everyone laughing to the ground. Below is a list of supplies you will need if you would like to follow along. This is a fun process and you will love it. I have included a 5×8″ BLOW ME Graphic Template for your convenience. Make sure to print it on card stock paper or any type of thick paper for rigidity when tracing. ENJOY!

  1. Styrofoam Ball 
  2. Plastic Straws
  3. Brown Floral Tape
  4. Jumbo Cotton Balls
  5. 1 Yd Brown Fabric
  6. Green Maxi Dress
  7. Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Marker

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